Goddess of Death and Darkness Edit


Ungit - Goddess of Death and Darkness

Ungit is the Goddess of Death and Darkness, one of the Two Eternals. She has absolute dominion over the Underworld and the Abyssal Planes. Her followers, though few and far between, are present in the mortal realms as well, and they worship her with fanatical devotion. Most who worship her do so for the power that she grants them over death, for that power is considerable, although it comes at a considerable cost.

The myths say that Ungit and Istra were twin sisters, who battled for control over the Heavens and the Celestial Plane. Ungit and her followers were defeated and thrown into the Abyss, where they remain, plotting the destruction of the mortal realms. The myths also say that Ungit will rise again at the end of the world to challenge Istra for the Heavens one final time. Those who have fought for Istra throughout all of history will fight against all those who have sided with Ungit, with all of the cosmos hanging in the balance.

Domains Edit

Ungit rules over the domain of Death and Darkness, but is mistress over many others as well.


Eurythnul - Goddess of Darkness

A partial listing of her domains includes:

  • Death
  • Darkness
  • The Abyss
  • Pestilence

Other Pantheons Edit

Every pantheon from every race throughout the whole of Nyrondie contains Ungit, or at least an Aspect of her. Below are listed the most important: