The God of the Sea Edit

Ardon the Grim

Tymon - God of the Sea

Tymon is the God of Water and Travel, and is one of the Four Primals. He is master of the Elemental Plane of Water, and rules over many other lesser domains. He is the First God of the Sea Elves, and the Father of their Pantheon.

While water is the source of Life and is necessary for all men, Tymon is not seen as a good or gracious deity. His desires are as fickle as the sea, and he must be propitiated or his wrath will descend upon those foolish enough to neglect him. The Sea Elves of Stelyth know him as Ardon the Grim, Titan of the Seas. His beloved creatures are whales and the mysterious sea dragons, and sighting one is a sign of his favor.


Domains Edit

His domains are varied, but he is the unchallenged ruler of the Sea, and the domain of Water.

A partial listing of his domains includes the following:

  • Water
  • Tempest
  • Trickery
  • Travel
  • Chaos
He is granted the domain of Protection in the Elven Pantheon, a noteworthy fact, as he is not granted this domain in any other pantheon.
God of the sea1

Ardon the Grim

Other Pantheons Edit

There are too many racial and tribal pantheons to list comprehensively, but some of the more important ones are listed below: