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 True Name Magic Edit

True Name Magic is the oldest form of magic, still practiced by the druids of the wilds. Everything in this world was named by the Nine, and that first name holds all of what it means to be that thing. Only a handful of mortals now know the true names of the things of this world, and only a fraction of those mortals have enough will to command them. However, the few who do can bring about wondrous things, in themselves and in the world around them.

True name magic is the most varied of the four kinds of magic, with many different kinds of practitioners. There are those who focus on their own name, meditating upon it and unlocking their own potential. There are others who concentrate on learning the true names of others, in order to inspire, or oppress. And there are still others who learn the true names of the natural things of this world, gaining mastery over the various plants, animals, and even the elements themselves.