The Demon-Touched Race Edit

Teifling Merchant

Tiefling Bounty Hunter

Tieflings are a deeply distrusted race, and based solely on their appearance, it is a reputation they deserve. Said to be descended from demons, tieflings are looked upon with fear by common folk across all of Nyrondie. Only in the Free Cities are they viewed with anything like ambivalence. Therefore, many tieflings drift toward Nammon's Bay, looking to find their own place in the world.

Physical Appearance Edit

Tieflings bear many marks of demonic origin. Red-tinged skin is very common among them, as is the distinctive pair of horns. Most tieflings are the same size as humans, and their hair shares the human range, from black to white. Their eyes tend to be either red-tinged or gold. Their horns vary in size and shape, but most appear goat-like. Some tieflings develop horn-like features along their chins, the way the other races grow beards.

Tiefling Characteristics and Culture Edit

Teifling Sorceress

Tiefling Sorceress

Tiefling history is a complex subject, known in full to very few across Nyrondie. Legends speak of an ancient empire ruled by the mad Sorcerer Kings. These kings gave themselves over to Ungit and her dark magic. In return for vast power, they and their subjects were enslaved forever to Ungit. While this story is just a myth, it is one that many of the common folk across Nyrondie believe.
Teiflings in the Free Cities

Tieflings in the Free Cities

Most tieflings are used to being mistreated and mistrusted, but unlike half-orcs who either try to blend in or forsake society altogether, many tieflings seem to wear the scorn they receive as a badge of honor. They embrace their outcast state, and form their own societies on the margins of existing ones. Young tieflings are taught not to bemoan their heritage, nor to run from it, but to accept it and learn from it.

Tieflings often come across as arrogant and abrasive, but much of that comes from a lifetime of ill treatment. And while there are certainly wicked tieflings, most are no more so than the average human, all things considered. Many tieflings, especially young ones, see themselves in a tragic light, and tend to be self-centered.