God of Battle Edit


The Warrior - God of Courage

The Warrior is the God of Courage and Battle, one of the Three Ascended. As an Ascended, he has no Realm of his own to govern. Rather, his influence is exclusively in the mortal realms. As such, his followers tend to be less devoted than followers of the elder gods, praying to him when the situation calls for it.

Warriors of all stripes pray to him before battle, asking for courage and strength. The Knights of Keris are particularly devoted to him, and most of his clerics and paladins hail from that order. Like the Sage, the Warrior is considered a demigod in Averistra, one touched by the Goddess, and so is not worshiped, but is rather considered a saint. He is given the name "Saint Kalas" there.

Domains Edit

The Warrior has only one primary domain: War. All other aspects, such as courage, honor, chivalry, and strength, follow from that one domain.

Other Pantheons Edit

The Warrior is almost unknown in the Freelands, and is barely recognized in the Kingdom of Dyan. The Elves of Stelyth have only recently accepted him into their pantheon as Thelis, God of Order, a secondary figure at best.

A complete listing of his status in other pantheons would be impossible. Here are some of the more important ones: