Goddess of Chance Edit

The Trickster!

The Lady of Luck - Goddess of Chance

The Trickster is the Goddess of Trickery and Chance, one of the Three Ascended. She rules over chance and luck in the mortal realm, having no realm of her own to govern. As the Goddess of Chance, she is by definition an unpredictable deity, and her followers know not to trust to her too much. Still, those who devote themselves to her seem to have luck on their side, more often than not.

Known more commonly as The Lady of Luck, or Lady Luck, the Trickster is the most commonly addressed of the Nine. Prayers to her have entered the vernacular of nearly every tongue, and every race includes her in their pantheons. Despite these facts, there is little to no organized worship of the Trickster. Small shrines dedicated to her are scattered throughout the land, and the common folk offer short prayers to her often, but there is not established church to her anywhere outside the Freelands.
Vre - Goddess of Luck

Vre - Goddess of Good Fortune

Domains Edit

Luck is the primary domain of the Trickster, with other domains, such as Trickery, following closely from that.

Other Pantheons Edit

A complete listing of the Trickster's other names and aspects would be impossible. Some of the most important are listed below: