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The Sage - God of Knowledge

The Sage is the God of Knowledge and Secrets, one of the Three Ascended. Revered by mages, scribes, and all who value knowledge for its own sake, the Sage governs over the domain of Knowledge, an aspect of the mortal realm. His followers devote themselves to him, in hopes that he will grant them insight into some fraction of the cosmos.

His following is strong in the Free Cities, where he is even held up as a rival to Ungit, who is worshiped there under different forms. Vecna is his name in the Free Cities, and his cult has spread among the wealthy there. Like the Warrior, he is seen as a demigod in Averistra, where he is an ambiguous figure, who offers knowledge at a cost. Only in the Grand Marches and Dyan is he seen as a positive figure. His worship is unknown among the Elves of Stelyth and the Dwarven Clans.


Vecna - God of Secrets

Domains Edit

The Sage has one primary domain: knowledge. His other aspects, such as secrets, and arcana, both originate in that one.

Other Pantheons Edit

Unlike the other deities, the Sage only has one primary variation, that of Vecna. He is known everywhere else simply as The Sage.