The Realms of Nyrondie Edit

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The Nine Realms of Nyrondie

The continent of Nyrondie is a vast place, stretching over two thousand miles, west to east. It is divided into six (more or less) civilized regions, with three other geographic areas that have no unifying factor other than contiguous boundaries. Together, these nine territories make up the realms of Nyrondie.

The climate ranges from the harsh deserts of the Scalelands to the frigid ice-fields of the Wastes. Throughout the heartland, it is mostly temperate, with large tracts of fertile land and countless rivers crisscrossing the continent. Humans are the most prosperous and populous race, followed closely by halflings. Within the borders of Stelyth, Keepos, and the Scalelands however, humans dwindle to all but a handful.

The Nine Realms Edit

The Holy Empire of Averistra - The largest of the realms to be united, the Holy Empire of Averistra is ruled from the Imperial City, and is dedicated to the Goddess Istra.

The Grand March - A loose collection of small cities and duchies, stretching from the Shield Mountains in the East to the border of Dyan in the west, and from the Icewave sea in the north, to the Tymonian sea in the south. Very wild and dangerous outside the cities and their walls.

The High Kingdom of Theyonwy - A collection of small kingdoms and fiefdoms ruled over by the High King. Large forests and many rivers crisscross the land, making easy borders for the small kingdoms.

Morlan's Hearth in Dyan

Morlan's Hearth in Dyan

The Unified Kingdom of Dyan - A large, harsh land, ruled by a hereditary monarchy, and many lesser lords who swear fealty to the Royal Family. Wracked by frequent civil wars and insurrections.

The Island Kingdom of Stelyth - Home to the Sea Elves, this archipelago lies to the south of Averistra and Theonwy in the Summer Sea. A beautiful place, but one that is rarely seen by outsiders.

The Freelands - A wide plain, crisscrossed by several wide rivers, in the southeast of Nyrondie. Home to various nomadic tribes, and a series of independent city-states, clustered around Nammon’s Bay. The city-states are ruled by various dictators, councils, pirate-lords, and, generally, wealthy oligarchs. Cut off from the rest of the
Delving into the great sunken city

Delving into the Sunken City

continent by a large mountain range, the Freelands has developed on a very different path from the rest of Nyrondie.

The Scalelands - A harsh, barren land, north of Averistra and cut off from it by the Aerie Mountains said to by ruled over by clans of Dragonborn, who battle each other and the harsh elements.

The Republic of Keepos - Home to the Gnomish people, this Isle is located to the southeast of the Freelands, in the Summer Sea. A wondrous place, seemingly touched by the Fey Realm.

The Wastes - Located to the northeast of the Shield Mountains, this vast tundra is home to countless barbarian tribes, who make their home close to Shield Mountains. The lands beyond the wastes are said to be ruled by demons, giants, and fearsome ice-drakes.