The Mortal Races Edit

Races of Nyrondie12

Travelers in the Grand March

The world of Nyrondie is filled with many strange creatures, some monstrous in form, others monstrous in intent. However, there are six primary mortal races which inhabit the (more or less) civilized Nine Kingdoms. These six are by no means the only intelligent races to live in the Nine Kingdoms, but they are the important ones, either because there are many of them, or because they have a major influence on the world around them. 

  • Humans - The most common race in the Nine Kingdoms, humans are also the most diverse and adaptable, able to thrive in many different environments.
  • Elves - Graceful and aloof, elves are divided into two distinct sub-races: the Sea Elves of Stelyth, and their wild brethren in the Freelands. They share a contempt for humankind, and a deep connection to nature and the Primals, especially the gods of air and the sea.
  • Dwarves - Stout, hardy folk, the dwarves of Nyrondie live in secure delves, deep under their mountains, although a good number of them prefer to live on the surface, trading with their deep brethren and the humans in the valleys and plains below.
  • Halflings - Small in stature, these stouthearted and courageous folk are spread throughout the Nine Realms, living in small communities outside or alongside those of the "big races".
  • Gnomes - Wild and mischievous, the gnomes of Nyronide call the Isle of Keepos home. They are strange creatures, intensely curious, and dangerously unpredictable.
  • Dragonborn - The Scalelands is home to the race of Dragonborn, fierce warriors, devoted to personal honor and glory in battle.

There are also a number of less important and influential races which are still widespread enough to merit mention here. These lesser races are found in isolated pockets, or are restricted to one or two places. Some are spread throughout the world, but are only encountered rarely, as there are so few.

  • Goliaths - Known to the people of Nyronide as half-giants, these hulking grey-skinned figures hail from the Shield Mountains, which divide the Wastes from the rest of the Nine Realms.
  • Half-Elves - Half-elves, although rare, are found throughout human and elven realms, where humans hold them in high-esteem while elves tend to pity them.
  • Half-Orcs - Most half-orcs are born in those semi-lawless lands just outside civilized borders. Many turn to violent professions, embracing their dark heritage, while others try to fight against the inhuman rage that comes with their blood.
  • Tieflings - Tieflings are strange and mysterious figures, given their demonic appearance, and many consider them cursed. They are rare, and most choose to live in the Free Cities of Nammon's Bay, where they are less conspicuous.