Organizations of Nyrondie Edit

"Across the Nine Realms, the Keepers of the Veil wage their silent war against those who would seek to end their eldritch and arcane studies. Throughout the holy empire, the Faithful kill with impunity, and their reach extends even into the Church itself. In the Free Cities of Nammon's Bay, the cult of Vecna grows in power and influence, claiming many of the cities' leading citizens among its adherents. Surely you do not believe you can overcome all of them without allies of your own?"

There are countless organizations that operate in the world of Nyrondie. Most of them are benign and small-reaching; local thieves' guilds operate through their small town or city, without directly influencing events in the world at large and small time artisans guilds (stonemasons, blacksmiths, fletchers, etc) operate throughout a province or between just a few villages. However, there are many organizations whose interests and influence extend throughout a much larger sphere.