The God of the Forge Edit

Kyros God of the Forge

Kyros - God of the Forge

Kyros is the God of Fire and the Forge, one of the Four Primals. He has dominion over the Elemental Plane of Fire, as well as many other lesser domains. He is the primary god of the Dwarven pantheon, although he is known there as Killesh, the Stonefather.

Despite the obvious destructive power of fire, Kyros is not seen as a destructive deity. Instead, he is a smith, a creator. Fire consumes, but Kyros holds it back, using it to form his faithful, testing them and cleansing them. Many of the Freelanders view Kyros as the most powerful of the Primals.

Domains Edit

Fire is Kyros' primary domain, but he is master of many.

A partial listing of his domains includes:

  • Fire
  • Artifice
  • Sun
  • Hearth
  • War

Some pantheons focus on one or more of these domains, as well as others, but each includes the domain of Fire.

Helio - God of Fire

Hel - The God of Fire

Other Pantheons Edit

There are too many racial and tribal variations of Kyros to list comprehensively. Here are the three most common variants: