Goddess of Life and Light Edit


Istra - Goddess of Life and Light

Istra is the Eternal of Life. She and her twin sister Ungit are the eldest of the Nine. Her dominion encompasses the Divine Heavens, and the Plane of Life, as well as many lesser domains. All races give her homage, as is her due. She is the source of all living things, according to the ancient myths and legends.

It is said that she commissioned each of the Primals to form the various creatures of the world. She tasked Bern with forming the land, and all that lives upon it, all plants and land-dwelling animals. She tasked Kyros with forming the great Underdark, and all of the denizens of the dark places. She gave to Alyra the forming of the great winged things that fly through the air, and to Tymon she gave the forming of all the great sea monsters, the fish, and the merfolk, and all that swims through the oceans. When the Primals had finished their great tasks, and brought their works to her, and Istra saw all the things of the world, she breathed life into all of them, and thus the living things of the world came to be.

Domains Edit

Istra's primary domain is Life, but she is also Mistress of Light. Her other, lesser domains follow from these two.

A partial listing of her domains includes:

  • Life
  • Light
  • Truth
  • The Heavens
  • The Afterlife

Ea - Goddess of the Heavens

Other Pantheons Edit

Istra is known by many names in the different pantheons of the world. In some, she is wedded to one of the Primals. In others, she is completely absorbed by one of the Primals. However, her Aspect can be found in every pantheon, nearly without exception. As such, it is impossible to give a complete listing here. Instead, only the most important variations are listed below: