The Half-Blood Warriors Edit


Half-Orc Mercenary

Half-Orcs are born with a heavy burden to carry. Their orcish blood pounds in their ears throughout their lives, calling them to embrace the rage that burns inside each of them. Many do embrace their darker side, giving way to the blood-wrath. Others keep themselves under tight control, only rarely allowing that side of themselves to see the light of day.

Physical Description Edit

Most half-orcs show the telltale signs of orcish blood: course black hair, prominent canine teeth, and a strong, muscular build. However, some appear entirely human, while others could be mistaken for their full blooded orcish brethren. They tend to stand just over six feet tall, but many, especially those raised in entirely human environments, often stoop, or slouch. This is many times an unconscious attempt to blend in with the humans around them.
Half-Orc Warrior

Half-Orc Warrior

Half-Orc Characteristics and Culture Edit

Half-Orc Paladin

Half-Orc Paladin

Half-Orcs raised in human environments have often faced discrimination and distrust all their lives, simply because of their appearance and lineage. While there are many half-orcs that embrace their violent side, not all do. These civilized individuals often attempt to hide their lineage, and many are successful. Many a half-orc has lived a peaceful life among ignorant fellow townsfolk. Regardless of whether or not they embrace their darker side, half-orcs that are recognized are always seen as outsiders and aliens, even among those who tolerate them.

Half-orcs do not have a culture of their own. They tend to either embrace the culture of the humans around whom they live, or they carve their own individual path, taking bits and pieces from every group with which they come into contact. Those half-orcs who return to their darker side find work as mercenaries and hired muscle. Many make their way to the gladiator pits of the Freelands, where their aggression and blood-wrath can be appreciated and rewarded.