The Half-Giants Edit

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Golaiths Passing Through Kai Nuk Sin Pass

Goliaths are huge figures, standing around eight feet tall. They hail from the Shield Mountains, and only rarely do they come down into the heartlands of Nyrondie far below. They are called half-giants by the men of the Grand March, and for good reason. They are extremely powerful, and not to be trifled with.

Physical Description Edit

They have grey skin, and black hair, although most of the men, and many of the women, shave their heads. Their eyes do have color, but it is very faint, and from any distance at all appears to be completely white. They speak their own language, the remnant of an ancient giant tongue, which reveals the partial truth to the "half-giant" title.

Goliath Characteristics and Culture Edit

Goliaths are independent and tend to show no pity toward weakness. The weak are meant to be culled, and the strong are meant to remain. That is the goliath worldview. Thus, goliath tribes show no mercy toward those who fall ill, or who are injured, but will leave them to fend for themselves. If they survive, then they deserve to. If they don't, then they didn't. For a goliath, it is as simple as that.
Stranded on the Isles of the Summer Sea

Castaway on an Isle of the Summer Sea


Goliath Ranger

Goliaths divide themselves into small tribes, with usually only two or three family groups living together at one time. They are not very numerous, due to their view of weakness, as well as low fertility rates. Only a handful of children are born to a tribe in a five year span, and even less are considered worth keeping alive till they can fend for themselves.

The half-giants have a rich history, and a deep mythology, which they pass down orally. Very few goliaths read or write, not even among those who make their way down into the heartlands of Nyrondie.