Goddess of the Harvest Edit


Bern - Goddess of the Harvest

Bern is the Goddess of Earth and the Harvest, and numbers among the Four Primals. Most pantheons revere Bern highly, regarding her aid as essential. She has dominion over the Elemental Plane of Earth, but is seen as having great power over the mortal realms as well.

Her followers see her as having two sides. As "Summer", she is loving and benevolent, bestowing fertility and a good harvest on her followers. As "Winter" she is harsh and demanding, bringing out the most brutal and emotionless side of nature. Her devotees believe that she must be appeased, and thereby will remain in "Summer".

Domains Edit

Earth is Bern's primary domain, but there are several others which are commonly attributed to her.

A partial listing of her domains includes:

  • Earth
  • Nature
  • Community
  • Plants
  • Animals
Some pantheons hold her to have other domains, but all contain at least Nature.
Goddess of the earth

Kel Rhea - Dwarven Goddess of Nature

Other Pantheons Edit

There are too many racial and tribal variations to fully list here, but some of the more important are as follows: