The Magical Science Edit

 Arcane Magic Edit

Used by the Mages of Theyonwy and the Red Wizards of Dyan, arcane magic is a powerful art. The arcane spellcaster taps into the very ley-lines of creation, harnessing the energy of the cosmos to bring about powerful effects.

There are eight schools of arcane magic:

  • Abjuration - Protection Magic
  • Conjuration - Summoning Magic
  • Divination - Prophetic Magic
  • Enchantment - Beguiling Magic
  • Evocation - Elemental Magic
  • Illusion - Deceptive Magic
  • Necromancy - Dark Magic
  • Transmutation - Alteration Magic

Arcane magic is mastered by careful study, and long hours of practice. The incantations must be spoken carefully, and the gestures must be precise. Practitioners of arcane magic are known as wizards, mages, or sages.

Wild Arcane Magic Edit

There is another kind of arcane spellcaster. These rare individuals are bonded to the very ley lines from which wizards and sages draw their own power. They are immersed in magic, and intimately connected to it from the day of their birth. Very few of them grow to maturity, either because of a magical outburst, or because of superstition among their neighbors, but the few who do can harness the magic inside of themselves. Those who do are known as wild mages, or sorcerers.