Goddess of Music Edit


Alyra - Goddess of Music

Alyra is the Goddess of Air and Music, one of the Four Primals. She is, by extension, also seen as the Divine Muse, inspiring artists of every variety. She has dominion over the Elemental Plane of Air, but is not limited to just that one domain.

Her followers see her as a rather elusive and arbitrary deity, often withholding her gifts from devoted followers and granting them to those who deserve them least. As such, she is the least likely among the Four to be worshiped in an established temple or church. Her clerics are few and far between, and services offered to her are just as rare.

As the Goddess of the Air, she has a darker side as well. Storms are caused by her anger, and her wrath has been known to uproot even the oldest trees and leave in rubble even the strongest towns and cities. As such, some pantheons see her as a masculine, and warlike figure.

Domains Edit

Alyra has primary dominion over Air, as well as many secondary domains. A partial listing of her domains includes:

  • Air
  • Art
  • Chaos
  • Tempest
  • Freedom

Among more barbaric peoples, Alyra's tempestuous side is put at the forefront, and in these cases she is seen as masculine.


Kor - The God of Storms

Other Pantheons Edit

There are too many racial and tribal variations of Alyra to list comprehensively. Here are the most common variants: